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好处 & 信息

ID Card 信息

学生 at both campuses who are enrolled in six or more college-equivalent credits are eligible to receive a student photo identification card. The cards provide free admittance to WVC athletic events (网上十大正规赌网址大全 campus) and discounts at ASWVC events. The cards are accepted as valid photo ID by campus offices for purposes of obtaining transcripts, financial aid or payroll checks, or check writing at the bookstore. To obtain a card, bring your photo id to the WVC 网上十大正规赌网址大全 office in Van Tassell Center (网上十大正规赌网址大全 campus) or the student government office (Omak campus).


建立联系! Why worry about parking when Link bus service will bring you right to the front door of WVC?  By utilizing this service students can travel free from home to campus or around town.  It's quick, convenient, environmentally friendly and there is no need to worry about parking!

Student bus passes are issued at the WVC 网上十大正规赌网址大全 office (网上十大正规赌网址大全 campus) or the student government office (Omak campus). Each quarter, a sticker can be placed on the student id card that denotes that you are a current student and qualify for 免费乘坐巴士.

For more information about Link please visit the Link Transit Website at:

学生保险 Plan

Accident Only Insurance Plan: Any student registered at 网上十大正规赌网址大全 Valley College for six or more credits per quarter is eligible for this plan. Certain dependents of eligible students may also be insured. In addition, students enrolled and covered under this plan during spring quarter may continue coverage through the summer without attending school summer quarter. Application and payment are made by the student directly to the insurance company. Coverage begins when payment is received and is not retroactive to the beginning of the quarter. 要报名,请访问 保险的关系.

失去了 & 发现

Whether you've lost something, or found something, we would like to help! 参观 WVC 网上十大正规赌网址大全 office in Van Tassell Center or call us at:  (509) 682-6860 on the 网上十大正规赌网址大全 campus or the administration office at (509) 422-7800 on the Omak campus.

Received items are typically kept for the duration of one quarter.